Principal’s Message


Little Flower Public School is enmeshed with a remarkable journey benchmarked with progress all the way, truly on the lines of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, Where knowledge is free…’’

To me, progress is growth in terms of standards, in building relationships, in imbibing value systems, in being humble, compassionate and in seeing the growth of every child by caring, moulding and nurturing him/her to contribute successfully not only to the society around but also to the NATION.

Progress is seen when targets are benchmarked and achieved with the help of my wonderful staff who are like one big caring family.

Progress is when our helping staff serves us cheerfully….

Progress is when our drivers are willing to go that extra mile to fulfill a task.

Progress is when the Old students Association was formed for students who have passed out of our portals to return back often, with nostalgia.

Thus, to us at Little Flowers, progress has taken stretches, moving triumphantly forward to meet the educational goals of an ever-changing world. As the strength of the school crosses leaps & bounds, Little Flowers can boast of the best school building and equipments, guiding souls in the form of a wonderful management and above all blessings of the Lord Almighty because it is He who gives us the strength to carry ourselves forward into the realms of progress…..

– Dr. Mrs. B Gayethri Devi