Beyond Academics

Students Clubs


Art & Craft

Creativity forms a very important part of a student’s life. It is because of creative minds that the world is progressing today. LFPS believes in giving its students the chance to bring out their artistic flair, by conducting regular art and craft classes and club activities.

Quiz Club

The world around us being full of fascinating things, the young minds are ever eager to know the How, Why, When, Where and What of everything that interests them. The Quiz Club the most popular one at Little Flower Public School –endeavours to encourage every child to develop his or her power of observation.
Inter House Quiz Competitions are conducted regularly at our school.

Music and Dramatics Club

Ample opportunities are provided to students who have an innate flair for music to hone their talent through special coaching in vocal music like classical, semi–classical and folk and also in musical instruments like guitar, key board and drums. The school is proud to have a lot of young achievers who have participated in regional and national level music programs.

The school also conducts Role plays, Dumb charades, Drama and Short as an integral part of school activity. This empowers students with the life skills of self-expression, confidence and stage presence.

Science Club

The Science Club equips and empowers students to take up activity based learning through a unique concept called ‘Yard Stick’, wherein over ten experiments based on their science text books are planned to enable them have hands on aptitude; apart from which model making, field trips, visit to the Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium, ISRO, HAL, NAL, Vishveshwaraiah Industrial and Technological Museum, Club activities, Experimentation and Exploration form an integral part of the science club. The idea is to make science fun fro the children and enabling them to develop an inquisitiveness regarding the subject.

Chess Club

Chess develops strategizing skills and develops the mental faculties of the players. At the same time, being a game it appeals to children. Coaching is offered at Little Flower Public School to the students to learn and excel at chess.