Chairman’s Message


“A teacher affects eternity” – Henry Brooks Adams.
Future is change. Education is the basis for building human infrastructure. The development of a nation depends upon the strength of its brainpower and knowledge capital. There is a global need to develop, sustain and grow.

Children are the future of the country. Educating them is the need of the hour and the way ahead lies in their hands.

Education doesn’t mean rote learning, taking tests and getting promoted. In the wider sense, education encompasses the gathering of specific skills, something less tangible but more profound, gaining knowledge and wisdom along with the ability to judge.

The educational experience of a student must be stimulating and enjoyable. At Little Flowers, a team of eminent and committed academicians and educationists pioneer initiatives to design a curriculum to train students beyond academics to ensure their all-round development.

The School shall continue to strive towards realizing its vision of being a leader and facilitator in the field of education, training and research.

– Mr.Iqbal Ahmed