Beyond Academics

Old Students Association


30 years back, LFPS started in a humble way; in a small place we called ‘School’. The two and thirty toddlers who came for their first day were in tears, knowing not, what to expect; but she took them in, determined to see them one day as confident teenagers. Slowly, more came in and we formally became a ‘Big School’.
With the little amenities that the small building could give us, we were most happy… playing, learning, talking, crying and we loved our family, friends and teachers.

The Batch of 2005-06 was ambitious to start for Little Flower Public School its own Alumni Association and is now successful. June 24th 2006 was the formal birth of the Old Students Association.
With a membership of 600 old students, the association quickly grew under able leadership and was proud to reunite all the past students of Little Flower Public School.

Words of the Chairman, Dr. Mrs. B. Gayethri Devi

“The Old Students Association is your platform to keep in touch with Little Flowers. It is your only chance to show your fealty to the family of Little Flowers and still be a part of it. Your support and active participation could make this fledging institution a strengthened eagle that could soar across the skies and clouds spreading the essence of your learning at Little Flower Public School. Come, join us and let’s create the first ripple of difference…..”

Oh! What days they were!

Leaving school was a dreadful thing to all who were in it, even if they were prepared to take on the world, as there existed a bond that could neither be broken nor ignored. It tied the school with all the hundreds of students who have passed out of its portals. That bond brought them all back as one batch and called for a massive reunion of all the batches that have passed out of LFPS since its inception, through a dream conceived and made true by the ambitious batch of 2005-06 (X Std). June 24th 2006 was the formal birth of the Old Students’ Association of Little Flower Public School.

The association strives to reunite old students with classmates, teachers, seniors and juniors for life.


We wish to facilitate the continued interaction of the Alumni with the institution in the interest of sustaining the institution's ability to develop and maintain a commitment to excellence and deliver on its eminence.


To attract and hold the interest of the Alumni by offering services that stimulate interaction, maintain support mechanisms for Alumni networking and add value to the lives of Alumni while strengthening bonds with the institution that results in a life-long relationship.


It got registered under the Karnataka State Societies Registration Act, 1960 in June 2007 and was officially born. The motto of the association is “El Valor, La Connaissance” meaning “It's Bravery, it's Knowledge”.